Colombia Best of Narino Angel Maria Lopez

$ 15.00

Jesús Angel López produced this lot on his farm called Llano Redondo, located in the community of Medina Orejuela in the municipality of Buesaco within the department of Nariño, Colombia. Jesus uses his own micro-mill to process harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping, fermenting, and drying the coffee. The department of Nariño has about 40,000 coffee farms, two-thirds of which, average around 3 acres in size. Nariño’s proximity to the equator delivers intense exposure to the sun (relatively constant and powerful year-round), which influences the cherry maturation rate. In Buesaco, warm air rises from the deep canyons at night and acts like a protective blanket for the coffee plants perched on the mountain tops. These combined attributes cause coffee plants to passively absorb the sun’s energy during the day and then come alive at night when the conditions are less harsh. This translates into concentrated flowering and long cherry maturation periods.

Vanilla, sweet citrus

Light/Medium Roast

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